Time: 40 Mins

Feeds: 5

Chef Brik invited on Hallmark Channel's Home & Family to show how to make a Beef Wellington for the Holidays.
2 lbsBeef center cut filet mignon (even thickness)
1/3 CupChef Brik “Honey & Worcestershire” Rub
2 TblsOlive Oils
to tasteEnglish mustard (coleman’s)
1 1/2Chestnut mushrooms, stalks removed
1 TblsShallots, sliced
2 clovesGarlic, rough chopped
2 sprigsThyme leaves
2 TblsParsley, chopped
1 pinchFresh nutmeg
as neededSalt & Pepper
1 sheetPuff pastry (store bought), slightly rolled out
8 slicesProsciutto
2 eggsYolks, only
1 TblsWater
as neededFlour, for dusting


Prep for the Filet

  1. Trim the filet removing all the silver-skin & season well with the Chef Brik “Honey & Worcestershire” Rub

  2. Heat a heavy bottom sauté pan over high heat & drizzle in the olive oil

  3. When the oil is hot & smoking, start to sear the filet on all sides

  4. Remove from pan, set aside on a plate & brush the mustard all around the filet while the beef is still hot

Prep for the Mushroom Duxelles

  1. Place the mushrooms, garlic & shallots in a food processor, season with salt & pepper
  2. Process into a fine paste, scraping down the sides making sure it’s all blended evenly
  3. Take a large non-stick pan & heat it over medium high heat (NO OIL, PAN MUST BE DRY)
  4. Add the mushroom duxelles into the pan
  5. Cook down the duxelles for 5 mins & add the thyme leaves & nutneg. Continue to cook over a high heat, stirring occasionally
  6. Duxelles must be completely moisture free & intensified with flavor. The mixture should adhere easily
  7. Add chopped parsley & mix in all together
  8. Spread out on a sheet pan or plate to cool down

Assembling the Beef Wellington

  1. On your cutting board or large enough clean surface, take a large piece of plastic wrap & lay it flat
  2. Start to lay down the prosciutto on the plastic wrap overlapping them slightly to form a rough rectangular shape, large enough to envelop the beef fillet. Make sure that there are no gaps within the prosciutto
  3. Season the prosciutto with fresh cracked pepper & spread the chilled duxelles mixture leaving an inch gap from the edges
  4. Lay the filet mignon on top of the duxelles layer
  5. While keeping a tight hold of the plastic wrap from the outside bottom edges, carefully roll the prosciutto & the duxelles mixture over the beef into a tight barrel like shape
  6. Twist the ends of the plastic wrap to secure it nice & tight
  7. Place in the refrigerate for 15 mins to let it rest & firm up
  8. Roll out a store bought puff pastry on a lightly floured surface to a large rectangle, just under a ¼ inch
  9. Unwrap the beef & place it in the middle of the puff pastry, leaving a large enough rectangle to wrap around the beef, & brush the tip part of the inside of the puff pastry to help seal in the beef
  10. Roll the pastry around the beef, like a burrito, & then press the edges to seal it
  11. Pinch the pastry at the ends to seal & trim off any excess
  12. Wrap the beef wellington tightly in plastic wrap & chill for an additional 10 minutes, or overnight if you are preparing ahead

Cooking the Beef Wellington

  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F
  2. Unwrap the beef wellington from the plastic wrap & bush it with egg wash
  3. Lightly score the pastry, without puncturing it, at around ½ inch intervals with the back of a small knife or butter knife for a decorative effect (this step is only if you desire to, but not necessary) 
  4. Place the beef wellington on a baking tray, lightly sprinkle with coarse salt & bake for roughly 35 minutes
    NOTE: If the pastry appears to be browning too quickly, lower the temperature to 350°F
  5. Once it’s finished cooking, let it rest in a warm place for about 15 minutes before cutting into 1½ - 2 inch thick slices to serve